About - Color Latino Jewelry

Color Latino jewelry started business in 2006.

When we first arrived in Greece, friends and relatives loved the Latin American jewelry that I was wearing. I decided to start a jewelry store and so, in 2006, Color Latino was born. At first we sold jewelry on the beautiful Greek islands, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu and Hydra. In 2009 we started to create our own handmade range using materials from Latin America. People especially love the chunky and colorful 'Tagua', a rock hard material that comes from Palm trees in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. We also use freshwater-pearls, sterling silver, alpaca, brass and a unique, gold toned metal from Latin America, called '' tumbaga'' to create our adjustable pieces.

Now, Color Latino sells globally from our quaint little shop next to the Ancient Theater in Larissa where we create our unique hand-crafted pieces. We love the creative process involved in each piece of jewelry, from the initial design stage until the final piece, adopting artistic details that harmonize color and shape in a human-centered design. The vivid and exotic Latin American design has certainly been influenced by the timeless grace of Ancient Greece and the result is something modern, unique and a certain wardrobe essential.

Enjoy browsing through our store.

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